Perception and Attention Patterns Help to Make a Great Website Design

Website Design Raleigh NC: Neuroscience and eye-tracking patterns are all part of a great web design.

Fabian Stelzer, a German entrepreneur, who owns a company whose list of clients include Barnes & Noble, Google, eBay, Nokia and many others, believes there might be a particular rhyme and reason to how we actually view the web. Whether we are male or female, young or old, or we are using a mobile device, tablet, or desktop to view websites our eyes are drawn to specific common elements of website design. Stelzer believes that a combination of locations, colors, contours, and contrasts make a difference in how interested we are in the website. In addition, he is positive that, “knowing what these common elements are, and integrating them into websites, mean e-commerce sites can snag hesitant buyers and magazines can convince readers to click on articles.”

The entrepreneur believes in his theory so much; his company has derived an algorithm that will track the eyes of people viewing websites. The program has the ability to track each eye movement so that it can be used for further studying and research. Those being studied and tracked look at real computer screens and real-life business websites. Among the hundreds of different websites, they look at food and retail items and business services offered on websites.

Website Design Raleigh NC | Perception and Attention

Two of the most important maps covered by this study are perception and attention. Perception. Stelzer states that “perception maps predict what content users’ eyes will gravitate towards within three seconds of loading a page. Meanwhile, there’s the second metric, attention. The content users will find the most and least visually appealing.”

For example, Google has a very innovative logo. It usually changes each day, and also brings the user to the main reason for visiting the site; the search box. Perception and attention are cleverly obvious.  Amazon is another great example.  The company uses a varied mix of bold text and graphics in the middle of the screen to optimize sales.

For more information on this interesting concept about specific website designs and how they are perceived, visit back with us on our next post!

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