Video Production Terms to Know Part 4

Welcome back! We are here with more Raleigh video production terms! If you’ve missed previous posts with other terms, be sure to visit back with them, as well!

Raleigh Video Production Terms

  • Zebra – a special function of some viewfinders that displays black and white diagonal stripes on any object in the shot that is too brightly lit
  • variable focal length lens – A lens in which the optical center can vary its position within the lens assembly, varying the focal length measurement as well, also called a zoom lens.
  • Scriptwriter – The person responsible for placing the entire production on paper.
  • Production Values – The general aesthetics of the show.
  • Production switching – The process of cutting between cameras
  • Production – the act or process of producing something
  • Pre-Production – Any activity on a program that occurs prior to the time that the cameras begin rolling.
  • Post-Production – Any of the activities performed after a program has been shot.
  • PA – an electronic amplification system used as a communication system in public areas
  • Optical center – The physical location within the lens assembly where an image is inverted
  • lens – An assembly of glass discs placed in a tube attached to the front of the camera
  • Iris – a component of a lens that is comprised of blades that physically expand and contract, adjusting the aperture size
  • grip – a person who moves the equipment, scenery, and props on a studio set
  • Gain – the strength of the video signal
  • Gaffer – the lighting director’s assistant who often does the actual hauling of heavy instruments up and down ladders
  • Framing – the use of the edges of the film frame to select and to compose what will be visible onscreen
  • focal length – the distance from the center of the lens to the focal point
  • Executive Producer – the person, or people, who provides the funding necessary to produce the program
  • Director – the person who is in charge of the creative aspects of the program and interacts with the entire staff
  • cue – A signal to a performer to begin a specific speech or action; to prompt
  • Content Specialist – A person who works with the script writer and is considered to be an expert in the program’s subject matter.
  • CCD – Charged Coupled Device. This is a sensor that collects light and turns it into an electrical signal.
  • camera operator – operates the studio camera and responsible for studio set and camera set up
  • Audio Engineer – the person responsible for the audio/sound quality on the production and related equipment.
  • Anchor – a television reporter who coordinates a broadcast to which several correspondents contribute

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