Video Production Terms to Know Part 3

Are you interested in learning more about video production in Raleigh NC? If, so you’ve come to the right place! We are here to talk more about video production terms. You can learn some of the lingo so that when it comes time to work with TigerHive Creative Group on your next marketing video venture, you’ll be ready!

Terms to Know | Video Production Raleigh NC

  • Snorricam – a camera rig attached to the body of an actor to create the effect of a background that moves dynamically around a subject that remains stationary. Also known as a chestcam or bodymount camera.
  • Slow Motion – the action of slowing down pre-recorded footage to a different speed.
  • Slider – a device that uses a track to allow smooth camera movements laterally, front to back, or even diagonally.
  • Slate – a rectangular board and clapstick that produces a sharp “clap” sound. Used for capturing and organizing sound during production, making the job of the editor easier when syncing picture and sound in post.
  • Shutter speed – the amount of time that each individual frame is exposed for when shooting video on a DSLR. For example, if you set your camera’s shutter speed to 40, each frame is being exposed for 1/40th of a second.
  • Shoulder Rig – a piece of equipment used to help stabilize a handheld camera.
  • Shot List – a full log of all the shots you want to include in your film; essentially it is a checklist filled with minute details that will give your film a sense of direction and efficiency.
  • Screenplay – a formatted written work that includes stage direction, action, character names and dialogue.
  • Screener – a version of a film for sending to film festivals and press. Often requested as a DVD, but sometimes accepted online, screeners should be formatted correctly and marked with the appropriate information requested by the festival.

For more terms for video production in Raleigh NC, visit back with our next blog post, soon!

TigerHive Creative Group | Video Production Raleigh NC

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