Video Production Terms to Know Part 2

We are back with Raleigh NC video production terms you can familiarize yourself with. When you work with a team to shoot your marketing video, you’ll understand what is being said with help from the following information!

Raleigh NC Video Production Terms to Know!

  • Aliasing: An undesirable distortion component that can arise in any digitally encoded information (sound or picture).
  • Aerial Shot: An extremely high angle view of a subject usually taken from a crane or a high stationary camera position, but may also refer to a shot taken from an actual airplane or helicopter.
  • ADR: Automatic Dialog Replacement. Also known as “looping.” A process of re-recording dialog in the studio in synchronization with the picture.
  • Three-point lighting – a common type of lighting setup that lights a subject from three different sources in order to control shadows and balance contrast. The three lights are typically called back, key and fill.
  • Telephoto – a lens that uses a telephoto group to enable a longer focal length than the physical body of the lens would normally permit. This allows the lens to magnify images, while maintaining its small size.
  • Sync – or synchronization refers to the sound lining up properly with the image.
  • Storyboards – drawings that show each scene of your film, creating a blueprint for your movie. Storyboards provide a clear and concise visual plan for what you need to shoot or animate
  • Stop motion – an animation technique used to make objects appear as if they were moving freely.
  • Split screen – this incorporates more than one simultaneous image in the screen. Usually it’s divided in two, but there can be many more.
  • Swishblog – a unique way of vid-blogging that makes use of quick pans or tilts at the beginning and end of every shot to transition between clips and give your video a fun feel that seems like a dream.
  • Steadicam – a flying camera stabilizer (often comprised of an arm, vest, and sled) that enables cinematographers to get smooth moving shots.

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