Most Common Graphic Design Terms

Are you currently working with a Raleigh graphic design team to jump start your marketing strategy? Do you feel lost in all the technical lingo? Below, you’ll find a list of most commonly used terms that will help you get familiar with these things. That way you can work with the designer without worry and stress.

Raleigh Graphic Design Terms

  • Asymmetrical – when graphics and/or text are not identical on both sides of a central line.
  • Art Director – an individual responsible for the selection, execution, production, so on, of graphic art.
  • Animation – movement generated by displaying a series of images using frames.
  • Animated GIF – small animation based on continuous GIF images, giving the impression of movement or action.
  • Anchor Point – these points allow the user to manipulate a path’s shape or direction by clicking the point and moving it in a direction. They appear along the beginning of a path, at every curve, and at the end of a path. You can also add or subtract anchor points on a path.
  • Analog Proof (Prepress Proof) – uses ink jet, toner, dyes, overlays, photographic, film, or other methods to give an idea of what the finished product should look like.
  • Alpha Channel – a process of incorporating an image with a background to create the appearance of partial transparency. Alpha channels are used to create masks that allow you to confine or protect parts of an image you want to apply color, opacity, or make other changes.
  • Alignment – arrangement or position in lines of a text or an image — left, right, centered, etc.
  • Airbrush – uses compressed air that to spray a liquid, such as paint, and ink. Often used in used in illustration and photo retouching.
  • Acrobat – software developed by Adobe systems to create files. You’re able to use it when creating, viewing, and printing documents.

If you’re interested in learning more about Raleigh graphic design and terms that might be used when working with a designer on your marketing strategy or business logo, be sure to visit back with our blog, soon!

Raleigh Graphic Design

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