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Adobe After Effects | Raleigh NC Video Production

Video production is gaining popularity all over the country. These companies are doing extraordinary things with videos for businesses! As a great marketing tool, videos are engaging more and more customers for businesses, everyday. In addition, they’re also boosting sales and profitability!

When working with a video production team, you want to make sure they use the right equipment and software while making the video. This ensures that you’re paying the videographer to make the most quality video possible.

Used for various reasons, Adobe After Effects is a post-production software that helps with the process of television production, filmmaking and Raleigh NC video production. All of the best production companies use After Effects. The software offers the following:

  • Animation
  • Audio editing
  • Basic non-linear editing
  • Compositing applications
  • Keying
  • Media transcoding
  • Motion graphics
  • Rotoscoping
  • Tracking
  • Visual effects

Many Raleigh NC video production teams use Adobe After Effects to help with visual effects and motion graphics. It’s also a great program to help track editing and simplify project files. It’s a great program for simple and complex video editing.

After Effects, in short is great for helping Raleigh NC video production teams a way to create powerful, amazing visual effects and graphics that enhance videos.

Many similar software that production companies might use are listed below. Our video production team prefers After Effects and it’s benefits, above all the rest of the programs out there:

  • Nuke – The Foundry
  • Combustion, Toxik and Smoke – Autodesk
  • Motion – Apple Inc.
  • Fusion – Blackmagic Design
  • Boris RED – Boris FX

Understanding Adobe After Effects and what all it can do is important for those interested in videography and how it can help your business. Over the course of the next several blog posts, our team will be talking in detail about Adobe After Effects, why its beneficial, basic uses of After Effects. We will also offer tips on finding the right animation studio to work with.

Make sure you visit each blog post for more details, below:

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