After Effects Basics

Adobe After Effects is a great way for Raleigh video production teams to create visual effects and motion graphics within a video they’ve filmed.. In addition, it’s great for adding audio clips, still images and other layer-based animation, as well. In addition to videographers, graphic designers also use After Effects.

In our blog post today, we are going to offer you a few tips on After Effects basics and how to use the program, should you want to try! Even if you’d rather leave this to the professionals, you’ll at least have a better understanding of how your production company makes all their quality, eye-catching videos!

Introduction Basics | Raleigh Video Production

  1. Media Importing. You can import various media files – Images, Audio and Video.
  2. Composition Creation. Here, you’re able to layer media files into a composition. As they’re composed, you’re able to move, mask and change layers. Then, you can add effects and graphics that better blend them together.
  3. As you finalize the creation, you can export the entire composition into a video or other still image.

The Interface

  • Project Window – A place for all imported files and created compositions, this window is great for organizing projects into files to alleviate clutter and confusion!
  • Timeline – Contents of your current work is displayed here. You’ll be able to see each layer in your composition. You’ll also be able to manage properties and order of the layers.
  • Preview Window – Where you’ll see what your composition looks like. This runs in real time and automatically updates.
  • Configurable Tool Panels – Great for configuring and customizing, you’ll be able to personalize your After Effects interface.
  • Playback Controls – Used to stop and start playback, this panel is very important for production.
  • Effects and Presets – Considered the most important panel in Adobe After Effects, this is where you’ll find all the effects and templates.

We hope this mini-tutorial on After Effects basics gives you a better understanding of how it’s used and why it’s such a wonderful tool for production companies! If you have questions about this software, feel free to contact us, today!

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