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According to a study done by Nielson and

  • Traditional TV viewing declined on a year-over-year basis in Q2 for each of the age brackets identified save for the 65+ group. The 65+ group has only recorded two quarters (in Q4 2014 and Q1 2015) of declines in traditional TV viewing over the past 4-and-a-half years.
  • Of the last 18 quarterly reports issued by Nielsen, teens only watched more TV than 18-24-year-olds during 4. Each of those had been a third quarter – Q3 2014, Q3 2012, and Q3 2011 – until this past quarter, when teens edged 18-24-year-olds in overall viewing by about one minute per day.
  • Live TV consumption by adults averaged 4 hours and 11 minutes per day in Q2, down from 4 hours and 19 minutes per day during Q2 2014 and 4 hours and 29 minutes per day in Q2 2013.
  • Looking at users of each medium, smartphone users in the 18-24 bracket spent more time using apps and the web on their devices than radio listeners of that age group spent listening to AM/FM radio. See here and here for more on app use.
  • Examining results by ethnicity and race, the report shows that adult African-American viewers continued to consume the most TV on a monthly basis in Q2, more than double the amount of time spent by adult Asian viewers, who spent the least amount of time watching TV (218:43 vs. 89:41).
  • Overall time spent watching TV in TV households was 138 hours and 50 minutes per month, down by less than 4 hours per month from the year-earlier period.

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