Producing a Compelling Video Interview For Your Web Site

Great Tips for Raleigh Video Production and Video Interview

One of the things that our Raleigh video production team suggests doing to create content for your YouTube channel or web site is through interviews. Interviewing people in a certain industry or niche that’s similar to the one you’re in can make a great video that your customers will enjoy.

Conduct Video Interviews | Raleigh Video Production

A great way to establish some credibility for your YouTube channel, get some easy video content, and boost your video marketing efforts is to interview others in your industry. You’re probably asking now, What should I interview them about? How should I reach out and set the interviews up?

Some higher profile individuals might be hard to get in touch with, so it’s good to use people that you’re sure you can easily contact. A great way to reach out is with social media. Make a connection via Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Sending questions to interviewees in advance can help them prep for the interview, but can also hinder interesting conversation. The interview becomes more scripted. Of course,  doing your homework and being prepared ahead of time helps, but allowing for spontaneity offers great results, oftentimes.

Identify your target audience and tailor the interview accordingly. If you and your viewers are interested in the industry you’re in,  it’s good to generate video content that answers the questions they have.

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