Vlogging Benefits

Raleigh Video Production: Benefits of a Vlog

Have you ever wondered how you can incorporate more videos into your marketing tactics? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Today, our Raleigh video production team is going to go over vlogging. Vlogs are blogs in video form. They can be used to market on You Tube and other social media sites, as well as, used to add content to your website! Below, you’ll find 5 reasons why vlogs are so beneficial to your business’s marketing efforts!

  1. Search Engines Love Videos – A vlog tends to rank higher than any other type of content online! This alone, speaks for itself!
  2. Keep Potential and Current Clients on Your Blog Longer – YouTube measures “time watched” as part of analytics. This can come in handy, because you can keep track of which videos were watched more and longer, as well as, ones that weren’t well viewed.
  3. Upload your vlog to YouTube. This expands your promotion reach. It is a popular category on YouTube, so you’re sure to get some views, no matter how new you are to the vlogging scene!
  4. Viewers Get to Know You and Your Products or Services – Video allows you to express yourself, as well as define the product or service that your company offers. You can share the personality of your business, and yourself, too! Videos are easier for folks today to relate to, and they become more responsive.
  5. Video blogging is a great way to build credibility – Most smart phones or tablets come with a built-in camera, so it makes it very easy to do on your own. But, if you’re interested in using a professional to capture and edit vlogs for you, feel free to contact our Raleigh video production team. TigerHive Creative Group is proud to offer the best video production services in the greater Triangle area! Call today for more information on how videos can greatly benefit your business!

For more information on Raleigh video production and marketing, be sure to visit back with TigerHive Creative Group soon! We strive to help you understand the benefits and advantages of video production for your business!

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