Beginner Video Production Tips

Raleigh Video Production Tips For Beginners!

Have you ever tried to shoot a video before? Probably, on your cell phone or the small video camera you’ve had for years. But, have you ever filmed a marketing video? Chances are, no. With Raleigh video production and video marketing just beginning to storm the world, it’s unlikely that you’ve had time to consider making one on your own.

What do you need to know to effectively communicate your ideas to your audience? For those that are just starting out making their own video, there are two options. One, read on and find out a few ways to help you on your journey. We will offer tips that can help avoid disasters and ruined videos. Or, two, you can contact a professional Raleigh video production team. Either way, TigerHive Creative Group promises to be here for you, every step of the way, offering guidance and support! Our goal is to help you have the best marketing video out there, in hopes of growing your business to new levels!

Beginner Mistakes to Avoid | Raleigh Video Production

Avoid constantly zooming and panning in every shot. To help determine whether or not it’s needed, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why are you getting closer?
  • Do you really need to get closer to your subject?
  • Would the scene look the same zoomed out?

Many great directors, including Hitchcock and Spielberg have shot entire movies without zooming even once, believe it or not. Of course, if the zoom is 100% needed, carry on. If not, just skip the zooming and move on!

Panning is also an issue with beginners. Panning is a movement from side to side or up and down called tilt. Those that are unsure of the camera tend to move it way too fast when panning, resulting in a movement that might make the viewer’s head spin! Move the camera as slowly as possible when panning to eliminate any and all quick movements!

If you’re a beginner and need more tips to help you shoot a marketing video, be sure to visit back with us soon! Also, remember to contact our Raleigh video production experts should you need help with the overall process! We specialize in video production and would love to help you get your marketing video up and streaming ASAP!

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