More Tips for Beginners!

Video Production Raleigh: More Tips for Beginners!

Welcome back! We hope you enjoyed reading our last post, video production tips for beginners, and are glad you’re back for more! Today, we are going to continue offering a few tips that should help you make your first marketing video with very little mistakes!

Remember, for those just starting out, there are two options. One, continue reading our tips to help you avoid disasters and ruined videos. Or, two, you can contact a professional Raleigh video production team. Either way, TigerHive Creative Group promises to be here for you, every step of the way, offering guidance and support!

Video Production Raleigh | Lens Features

Remember last post when we talked about the zooming feature, and how it’s best to leave the feature alone in the beginning? Today, we are dealing with lens features in general. It’s important to know that when the camera is zoomed out, the angle of the lens is shorter and has a different visual feature. The short lens gives you a larger depth of field. Essentially, background objects are in focus, and so are those objects in the foreground.

Also, a shorter lens makes objects appear closer than they actually are, just like your car’s side and rearview mirrors! When you want everything to be in focus, use a short lens. You can even use a short lens when you’re trying to hold the camera steady. It helps eliminate shakiness.

A longer lens will have less depth of field. They’re great for having an in focus subject and an out of focus background. You can even walk up to your subject and the lens will keep the subject in focus at all times, all while leaving the background out of focus!

TigerHive Creative Group | Video Production Raleigh 

For more tips, be sure to visit back with us soon! We will talk more about how to keep the camera steady in our next post!

TigerHive Creative Group is a leader in video production in Raleigh and specializes in creating effective video content marketing. Our talented team is dedicated to realizing the vision you have for your video and delivering the highest quality video production within your budget. Contact TigerHive Creative Group, to get started with your personalized, results-driven video solutions for your business.

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