The Advantages of a Single Page Website

Raleigh NC Web Design Team, TigerHive Creative Group Takes a Look at The Advantages of a Single Page Website Design.

In a previous post we listed the 2014 trends for websites. Today we will be discussing one of those trends in greater detail. Single page or one page website designs are becoming very popular. In the past a single page website design would have been considered unfinished. It’s important to understand why they’re becoming more popular now.

Raleigh NC Web Design | Single Page Website

Single page website designs are geared toward ease. With more people spending large amounts of time on the Internet, it’s important for websites to be efficient and easy. Having to click through three or four pages seem like a waste of time to those that constantly surf the web.

As the Internet has become the new-aged Yellow pages, users want to find the information they need on a single web page. They don’t want to sift through irrelevant information until they find that one name or phone number.

Another factor has to be the overall change in the style of Raleigh NC web design. The change has been in effect for the last 10 years and its purpose has been to eliminate clutter from web pages. Advances in technology make it possible to push this trend further and further. Bare website designs are almost normal now.

Raleigh NC Web Design: What are the Advantages of Single Page Websites?

Customer Needs: Probably the biggest advantage of a single page website is that it places everything customers and visitors need right at their fingertips. They don’t have to search for an email address, map of location or contact forms. The information needed is all in one place.

Less clutter: Single page web designs force the user to concentrate on the content. They see more of the content because it is right there on that single page.  Along the way, they might find something interesting on your blog or about story.

Single pages are a way of the future for Raleigh NC web designs. If you’d like to take a further look at the advantages of having a single page website be sure to check back with us.   In a future post we will continue listing advantages of a single page web design.

If you’re already convinced that you’d like to try a single page web design and would like to speak with one of our Raleigh web designers, feel free to contact us! TigerHive Creative Group has expert web designers and graphic designers for you to work with while designing your new website! We hope to hear from you soon!

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