More Advantages of Single Page Website Design

Welcome back!  In a previous post we began discussing a trend in website design that is growing in popularity. Single page website design in Raleigh is really taking off. By 2014, it’s expected to gain even more popularity.  Below, we will continue outlining more advantages of single page website designs.

Website Design Raleigh NC: Take advantage of the new way of websites by offering users a single page!

Makes a Bold Statement:  Some of the least usable websites are the ones with the most information on them. According to Google, they “made a vast overhaul to the way search engine rankings work. Previously the advice from search engine optimization specialists was to put as much relevant content onto your website as possible. As such a lot of enormous websites appeared that weren’t especially useful to the end user. With the Google Panda update these sites were greatly penalized and dropped in the search engine ranking.”

Showcases Work:  Single page websites showcase the things users want to see.  For example, a photographer could display some of their top work; an antiques shop could exhibit some of their prize sales. Single page websites allow a bit of boasting for your work or business. It’s a way to get the point across in a big way.

Less Expensive: Smaller businesses that have never been able to afford a web page are more likely to have a single page website design. The sites are usually smaller and save web space and bandwidth. This alone could reduce the cost.

Website Design Raleigh | Are Single Page Sites for You?

Though they aren’t for everyone, single page sites are great for small businesses or entrepreneurs just making their way onto the scene. If your website needs to showcase a great deal of information about your business and services, single page sites might not be for you. It’s a good idea to schedule a consultation with a website designer at TigerHive Creative Group before deciding either way. Our designers can sit down with you and discuss what type of website you might need.  For more information, contact us or visit our Raleigh website design page!

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