The Importance of Typography

Raleigh Web Designer: Typography for your business’s website is important!

It’s easy to not give typography on a website any thought. It’s something we all take for granted.  However for most users, text is the most common component across the web. Without legible, easy to read typography, websites would be virtually useless. Yes, you can communicate your message to users with pictures and graphics, but text is what tells your story and typography is a large part of that. Below, you’ll find a list of rules that you should stick with when working with a web designer as well as, a graphic designer.

Raleigh Web Designer | TigerHive Creative Group

  • Establish a Typographic Hierarchy – According to, “Text is all about conveying information, and readers on the internet want to obtain that information quickly. They scan and look for the most interesting or important parts, which they can’t easily do without an organized typographic hierarchy. Even for readers who don’t skim, the hierarchy keeps information organized and accessible.”
  • Large Texts Read Well – 12pt. fonts have been widely accepted throughout the years. As of late, 14-16pt. font is best for all websites. You want readers to be able to read your content without squinting.
  • Choose Fonts Appropriately – Legibility is important. Choosing a font that isn’t easily read might send visitors away. It’s important that they are able to read fonts well, with no issues.
  • Don’t Mix and Match Too Many Different Fonts- For many years, there was only one type of typography available for the web. Now, the possibilities are almost endless! That being said; try and stick to less than four different types of typography on each page of your website.
  • Breathing Room- Just like on school essays, having extra space between each line of text makes everything much easier to read than trying to make sense of jumbled cluttered letters. The problem is solved by increasing line-heights.

Our Raleigh web designers have shared these basic rules to help protect you from typographic mistakes. Text is the best way to offer information to your website visitors. To make sure your typography is legible and easy to see, contact TigerHive Creative Group for help. Our expert web graphic team can help!


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