A Look at a Successful Marketing Video

Raleigh Video Production: What Successful Video Marketing Looks Like

While our Raleigh video production team has been talking for some time about web and marketing video statistics and how they can greatly improve your business’s sales and website traffic, we’ve yet to feature a real life story of a successful marketing video. Below, you’ll find an incredible account of  what happened when a small time fashion brand decided to take advantage of the increasingly popular marketing tool, marketing video. Once they chose their video production team, started the process of filming, and released the final product, their lives, and business changed forever.

According to reelseo.com, Wren Fashion’s marketing video, “‘First Kiss”  increased sales by 13,600%, site traffic by 14,000%.”

WOW. You may be asking, “Are you serious?! A video alone increased sales by 13,000%?!” The answer is yes! Marketing videos can do great things when those that choose to use them have faith, work with a professional video marketing team, and believe in their product or service!

According to Wren clothing brand founder, Melissa Coker, “We’ve seen a phenomenal increase in traffic to our website, an increase in sales and in general visibility, fueled by the fact that people are still talking about us. Sales increased by nearly 13,600% in the first two weeks after its release, compared to the week before we uploaded it. Traffic to the site also increased by 14,000%, with 96% of those visitors brand new. A month later, things have slowed down a little but sales are still up by an incredible 7,000%+ compared to before the video hit. Traffic to the site has decreased from its peak when the video debuted, as one would imagine, but the average site visit length has grown 112%.”

Also according to reelseo.com, “The video has been one of the biggest viral successes of the year so far with  77.8 million views, 1,392,296 Facebook shares, and 68,740 Twitter  shares in just 31 days. It’s set to be among the top viewed, and  shared, video ads of 2014 and has generated a phenomenal increase in sales and  website traffic for the brand.”

Incredible, right!? This success story has further proved to our Raleigh video production experts, as well as you – hopefully, the power of marketing videos. We hope that you’ll take this article and run with it! If you aren’t taking advantage of the benefits of web and marketing videos, now is the time! Help your business succeed and grow to new levels with help from TigerHive Creative Group. Contact us today to get started!

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