Video Production Statistics For March 2014

Raleigh Video Production: March 2014 Statistics

According to, “More than 187 million Americans watched 46.6 billion online videos last in March. Video ad views totaled 28.7  billion, an increase from the previous month, and almost double that of  the March 2013.” They also report:

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  • Google sites (i.e. YouTube) generated 11.1 billion of the 46.6  billion video views
  • Facebook had 4.6  billion video views
  • AOL, Inc. had 1.3 billion views
  • 85.9 percent of the U.S. Internet audience viewed online video.
  • The duration of the average online content video was 4.3 minutes, while the average online video ad was 0.4 minutes.
  • Video ads accounted for 38.1 percent of all videos viewed and 5.1 percent of all minutes spent viewing video online.

Videos are storming the nation with their popularity and ability to accumulate more website views, customer gains, and increased sales of products and services. 85.9% of the U.S. Internet audience is there to view videos. That’s an amazingly large part of all Internet viewers. It’s no wonder marketing and web videos are the new age marketing tool!

A few more statistics, according to

  • Video ads represented 38.1 percent of all videos viewed in the U.S., that’s  5.1 percent of total time spent viewing online videos
  • Google is still the top video ad property, way ahead of Facebook, AOL and  Yahoo.
  • 85.9% of US Internet audience watched online videos, with the average  duration for online video content around 4.3 minutes
  • Facebook saw a year on year increase in video content views of  550%

It seems the numbers don’t lie! Just take a look back at our previous posts (in case you missed it.) A marketing video that went viral last month resulted in over 13,000% sales increase for a fashion brand! That’s a whopping amount of sales no matter what angle you look at it!

We just can’t seem to say enough about video production in Raleigh NC and how well it works! If you’re ready to embark on a new business marketing journey, and feel it’s time you took advantage of all that marketing videos have to offer, contact our video production experts. We are available to work with you to film a marketing video that is guaranteed to grow your business!

If you have any questions about Raleigh video production or would like to start working with TigerHive Creative Group on filming and producing a video for your business, feel free to contact us!

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