Important Video Production Terms

We are back with Raleigh video production terms you can familiarize yourself with. When you work with a team to shoot your marketing video, you’ll understand what is being said with help from the following information!

Raleigh Video Production Terms

  • XLR: One of several varieties of sound connectors having three or more conductors plus an outer shell which shields the connectors and locks the connectors into place. (Sound)
  • Wrap: The span of the tape path along which the tape and head are in contact. (Audio/Video) More often, this refers to securing equipment at the end of the day or when work is completed at a particular set or location.
  • Widescreen: A general term for film presentation in which a film is shown in an aspect ratio of greater than 1.33 to 1. In today’s terms, this now means in an aspect ratio of greater than 1.85 to 1.
  • Raleigh Video Production: the process of creating video by capturing moving images (videography), and creating combinations and reductions of parts of this video in live production and post-production.
  • Sound Effect: A recorded or electronically produced sound that matches the visual action taking place onscreen.
  • Sound Designer: A film sound specialist responsible for the development and augmentation of all soundtrack material, or a significant portion thereof, and is ultimately in charge of the entire sound production.
  • Set Up: Each discrete position of the camera, excluding those in which a dolly or crane is used to move the camera during filming. (Production)
  • Senior: A 5K fresnel lighting unit. (Lighting)
  • Score: The original-music composition for a motion picture or television production which is generally recorded after the picture has been edited.
  • Post-Production: The period in a project’s development that takes place after the picture is delivered, or “after the production.”
  • Pan: A horizontal movement of a camera on a fixed axis.
  • NTSC: National Television Standards Committee. The organization that sets the American broadcast and videotape format standards for the FCC. Color television is currently set at 525 lines per frame.
  • Montage: The assembly of shots and the portrayal of action or ideas through the use of many short shots. (Film Editing)
  • Key Light: The main light on a subject.
  • Kelvin: the unit of measurement used for absolute temperatures and color temperatures.
  • Junior: A 2K fresnel light unit. It may also mean any 1 1/8 inch spud or mounting pin or any 1 1/8 inch female receiver. (Grip)
  • Jump-Cut: An editorial device where the action is noticeably advanced in time, either accidentally or for the purpose of creating an effect on the viewer. (Film Editing)
  • Jib Arm: A mechanical are which is supported on a dolly, tripod, or other device, which is counterweighted to hold a camera for an increased range of motion. (Production)
  • Iris: A variable aperture that controls exposure or the amount of light which is released from a lighting unit. (Camera/Lighting)
  • HMI: An enclosed, AC mercury arc lamp. (Lighting)
  • Gigabyte: A unit for measuring computer memory capacity, equivalent to 1,000 megabytes.
  • Gaff Tape: similar to duct tape to tape down cables on set.

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