Important Graphic Desgin Terms

Are you interested in learning about Raleigh graphic design? If so, there are several important terms that you should familiarize yourself with. Whether you looking to work with a graphic designer for business needs or hoping to become one one day, the following info will be helpful!

Below, you’ll find important graphic design terms that might be helpful for those hoping to work with a Raleigh graphic design team.

Raleigh Graphic Design Terms

  • Hue – A hue is a variety of color such as red, blue, green, or yellow.
  • HSB – A color space that stands for hue, saturation, and brightness.
  • HLS – A color space that stands for hue, lightness, and saturation.
  • Highlights – The lightest part of a photograph or halftone
  • Headline – Large text that illustrates an opening statement used in a layout.
  • Header – Text that appears at the top of a printed page.
  • Hard Copy – An original copy of something.
  • Halo Effect – A vague shadow sometimes surrounding halftone dots printed. Also called halation. The halo itself is called a fringe.
  • Gutter – In book production, the white space formed by the inner margins of a spread near the books spine.
  • Grid – Is a two-dimensional format made up of a set of horizontal and vertical axes used to structure content.
  • Grayscale – Grayscale images consist of black, white, no color, and up to 256 shades of gray.
  • Graphics Visual – Presentations that feature printed messages that are clear and appealing.

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Raleigh Graphic Design

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