More Raleigh Video Production Terms

More Raleigh Video Production Terms!

  • Frame Rate: The frequency at which film or video frames run. For example, film is shot at 24 frames per second.
  • Fade: An optical effect in which the image of a scene is gradually replaced by a uniform dark area or vice versa.
  • Dissolve: A transition between two scenes where the first merges imperceptibly into the second. (Film/Video)
  • DGA: Director’s Guild of America. A union which represents directors, assistant directors, production managers, and various video personnel.
  • Dailies: The first positive prints made by the laboratory from the negative photographed on the previous day. It also now refers to video which is transferred from that original negative. (Laboratory)
  • Compression: The reduction of a span of amplitudes done for the purpose of limiting the reproduction of those amplitudes. (Post Production)
  • Composition Visual make-up of a video picture, including such variables as balance, framing, field of view and texture all aesthetic considerations. Combined qualities form an image that’s pleasing to view.
  • Closeup (CU) A tightly framed camera shot in which the principal subject is viewed at close range, appearing large and dominant on screen. Pulled back slightly is a “medium closeup” while zoomed in very close is an “extreme closeup (ECU or XCU).
  • Camera Blocking: The process of notating the changing position of the camera, lens size, and focus during a particular scene. (Production)
  • Call Sheet: A form which refers to all of the scenes to be filmed and all of the personnel and equipment required for shooting on a particular day. (Production)
  • C-47: Ordinary wooden clothespins which are used to secure gels to barndoors. They are also known as a #1 wood clamp. (Grip/Lighting)
  • C Stand: A general purpose grip stand. (Grip/Lighting)
  • Barndoors: Folding doors which are mounted on to the front of a light unit in order to control illumination. (Lighting)
  • Baby: Usually a reference to a 1K Mole Richardson light.
  • Baby Legs: A short tripod for camera.
  • Apple Box: A box build of a strong wood or plywood which is capable of supporting weight. These may be of various sizes, the smallest of which is also known as a ‘pancake’ because it is nearly flat. (Lighting/Grip)
  • Aperture: A variable opening inside a lens that regulates the amount of light reaching the image plane. Also known as an iris. (Camera/Lighting)
  • Analog: An electrical signal that continuously varies in strength as related to some form of input.
  • Ambient Light: General, nondirectional, room light. (Lighting)

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