Event Videography Equipment Checklist

Making sure you have all the right equipment for event video production in Raleigh NC is key. That means making sure you have the camera and accessories, and more. It also means preparing for what might happen; dead batteries and other issues can happen when you plan to video an event, program, or play!

Sometimes, hiring a professional to video an event is the best option, while many choose to do it themselves. Don’t hesitate to contact our expert event video production team to ensure you get the best, quality filming experience possible!

Without proper prepping, you’re sure to run into some sort of mishap. Below, you’ll find a checklist of things to have and issues to get ready for!

Equipment Checklist | Event Video Production Raleigh NC

  • AC power supply
  • Cables
  • Camcorder
  • Charged batteries
  • Copy of the script
  • Headphones
  • Lens cap
  • Lens cleaning cloth
  • Lens filters
  • Microphone batteries
  • Microphones
  • Tripod
  • White-balance cloth

Camera Checklist | Event Video Production Raleigh

  • Battery power
  • Compose image
  • Image stabilization on/off
  • Lighting check
  • Sound check
  • Talent release
  • Tape check
  • Time/date stamp on/off
  • Tripod lock-down
  • White balance
  • Zoom in/Focus/Zoom out

 Filming Tips

  • Don’t overuse the zoom option. Move forward often to get the best picture without having to zoom.
  • Don’t pan from side to side to get the entire scene.
  • Don’t place your subject in the center of the frame.
  • Don’t shoot everything from eye level only.
  • Don’t snapshot, or shoot everything in two or three second shots only.
  • Don’t stand in one spot for the entire videoing. Choose more interesting angles.
  • Don’t video directly into backlighting.

Helpful Tips For Shooting a Video | Video Production Raleigh

  • Avoid zooming while the tape is rolling.
  • For handheld stability, imagine that your camcorder is a very full cup of hot coffee.
  • Keep the shot steady for at least 10 seconds.
  • Keep the sun behind you when shooting outdoors.
  • Keep your average shot length between 5 and 10 seconds.
  • Move the camcorder only when necessary.
  • Plan your shoot.
  • Set the white balance at every location.
  • Shoot to edit.
  • Use a tripod or other image stabilization device when a steady shot is needed.
  • Use the manual focus if your camcorder has it.
  • Use the zoom to create your shot.
  • While shooting, be as discreet as possible to best capture the true behavior of your subject.

TigerHive Creative Group | Event Video Production Raleigh NC

Finding yourself unprepared during a shoot can be quite difficult – and embarrassing! Make sure you use this checklist to ensure your event is well prepared for any problems that might arise. And, remember, choosing to work with a professional videographer is an option, as well!

If you need help videoing an event and want to enlist the help of professionals, be sure to contact TigerHive Creative Group, event video production in Raleigh! We are the Triangle’s #1 video production company! Our talented team is dedicated to offering the highest quality Raleigh video production for any type of  budget. Contact TigerHive Creative Group for more information!

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