Creating a Logo in Photoshop Part 2

Welcome back! In our last blog post we began helping you create a logo in Photoshop. Today, we are going to finish the tutorial! We hope this step by step blog article will help you create a logo that’s perfect for your business!

Before moving on, take a look back at the first part of this article, below:

  • Creating a Logo in Photoshop Part 1

Creating a Logo | Graphic Designer in Raleigh NC

  • Type in your company’s slogan using the text tool in a new layer.
  • Change font height, length, color, and shape as you’d like it.
  • Import graphic designs or other images you have rights to use. These can be incorporated in the logo.
  • If you don’t have any to use, consider using free stock photo websites that offer royalty free images.
  • You can draw artwork into a new layer, as well. Use the tools labeled shape, paintbrush or pencil.
  • Move elements from each layer around on the logo by clicking on the layer menu.
  • You’re able to link layers, if need be.
  • View the layer you’re currently working on as you need to by using the eye icon.
  • Add effects.  Use the drop down menu to make changes to your logo. You can use shadow, color gradient, and bevels. Get creative and make sure you preview any changes before saving them permanently!
  • Save file as a *.psd and a*.jpg .
  • The *.psd is the original Photoshop file with all layers. Keep incase changes need to be made in the future.
  • The *.jpg file includes all element layers. This file will be easy to email and share, as it’s a smaller file.

And that’s it! You’ve successfully created a logo in Photoshop! If you have trouble throughout this process or need help designing, in general, feel free to contact our expert Raleigh graphic designer! We are here to help!

TigerHive Creative Group | Graphic Designer in Raleigh NC

Ready  to update graphic designs on your website, contact TigerHive Creative Group, soon! We guarantee to boost your sales and grow your business to new levels with a logo that engages and excites! Our professional graphic designer in Raleigh NC specializes in creating effective logos and other graphics for those that need a change in their business brand and want something more.

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