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TigerHive Creative Group was asked to develop logo concepts for Governor Pat McCrory’s office to be used as an icon associated with his state-wide initiative to renew North Carolina. The primary objective for this brand and logo design was to build on the success of Pat McCrory’s campaign and election in 2012 using the same color palette people had associated with the victorious efforts of Mr. McCrory and the rest of the Republican Party in North Carolina. Our Raleigh graphic designers focus on quality over quantity and it shows true in this design. While we had to work within a preset color scheme, our flare for the creative shows well. For more information about our graphic design services, contact us, and we’ll be happy to go over our portfolio and your specific graphic design and branding needs.

You can be faced with any number of options when choosing the right logo for your business, initiative and/or campaign. Don’t be fooled by less expensive alternatives. There’s no substitute for one-on-one interactions with your graphic designers in a setting that’s conducive for creativity. Our Raleigh graphic designers work in a studio setting which allows us to block our noise and distractions that can sometimes hamper creativity. Give us a chance to create your brand’s identity and you won’t be sorry. Satisfaction guaranteed!



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