NCSU Emerging Issues Live Streaming Raleigh NC Video Production: Financing Our Future

NCSU Emerging Issues: Meet Our Raleigh NC Video Production Team!

We were happy to return to the NC State Department of Emerging Issues to provide livestream corporate video service for their Financing the Future debate.

With events such as debates or telecasts, it’s important to follow video production best practices. Here’s a few to get you started. If you have questions, contact our Raleigh NC video production team.

  1. Keep a stable, still: only move the shot when really necessary. A switch in speaker, a physical movement, etc. 
  2. Use the best video AND audio equipment: High quality video gear, proper recording-grade mics,  and industry-grade tripods can make all the difference when it comes to really capturing the event on video.
  3. When streaming, it’s important to have a fast uplink. Slow data speeds cause all kinds of problems like jitter, degradation of the video signal and complete blackouts.
  4. Ensuring proper sound and video leveling. Combining a crisp, clear audio signal with an in-focus, HD feed makes it like you were there. Our Raleigh NC video production team thrives to make the event seamless whether onsite or watching live.
  5. Test: Test, test, test and test! Make sure everything is in order and functioning properly,
  6.  Professionally edit the recording. Video production can become an art when you take the time to edit out any flaws. If you’d like to preserve the event, we can help there too!

For more information on live, streaming video events, contact our Raleigh video production team today.

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