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Different Types of Graphic Design Raleigh, NC and beyond!

Graphic Design Raleigh, NC | A note from our team of experts.
Welcome back! In a previous post, we discussed what graphic design is. We also began discussing the different types of graphic design and how important they are. Today, we will continue our conversation on the different types of graphic design. Or to just get started; contact our graphic design team in Raleigh, NC today! Graphic design Raleigh, NC friends is the art of appealing to someone’s visual senses to convey a specific message. Got it. Now let’s get into the details!

We mentioned that graphic designers rarely needed words to convey a message. In some cases, though, designers actually do rely on words. However, to graphic designers, the way words look is just as powerful as the meaning of the words. Where writers only focus on what the words mean designers focus on their visual appearance. They create fonts or handmade lettering. They can demand attention to a poster or flyer, just by using a beautifully created font to display an essential message about a product for sale. Whether it’s a book, film credits, or lettering on canned food, graphic designers have a part in it. Designers are experts at presenting information in a beautiful, visual design.

When you look at an “average” published page of running text, you may ask, what is involved in designing such a seemingly artless page? Graphic designers think outside of the box. Asking yourself a series of questions, about the published page, might help you think more like a graphic designer:
Aiga.org says, “Think about what you would do if you were asked to redesign the page:

  • Would you change the typeface or type size?
  • Would you divide the text into two narrower columns?
  • What about the margins and the spacing between the paragraphs and lines?
  • Would you indent the paragraphs or begin them with decorative lettering?
  • What other kinds of treatment might you give the page number?
  • Would you change the boldface terms, perhaps using italic or underlining?
  • What other changes might you consider, and how would they affect the way the reader reacts to the content?”

When working with words only, graphic designers assess the message that needs to be delivered. They also evaluate the target audience. Once they have a clear idea of what needs to be conveyed, they start answering all of the questions listed above.

Designers often use images and typography or fonts, together, to communicate a client’s message to a specific audience. The creative potentials, offered by words, or typography, and images are explored. Designers do their best to develop a balance between the two forms of graphic design.

Graphic designers are the link between the client and the audience. Without a Graphic designer for your Raleigh, NC business, you’re less likely to construct the message your business wants to portray, successfully. At TigerHive Creative Group, our Raleigh, NC-based graphic designers work with clients, to understand the content and purpose of the message needing to be delivered. Without the knowledge of an expert graphic designer, it’s hard to know how to grab your audience’s attention. With technology advances, appealing design may be the best way to fully get that level of attention.

Graphic designers also tend to collaborate with market researchers and other specialists to understand the nature of an audience. Designers work to help you choose a design concept for your business, they then, work with the photography or illustrations needed to create a final design product that captures the audience you need, to help make your business successful.

If you think a beautifully created design is the missing link to getting across your message, be sure to contact TigerHive Creative Group today. We can work together to make the best image and brand possible, for you, your small business and the organizations you represent.

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