The Importance of Graphic Design in Social Media

A look at design and social media from our Raleigh graphic design team!

Social media has exploded over the past couple of years. It’s especially become an influential part of marketing for businesses. Consumers using social media are blasted with tweets, “likes”, and texts on the internet and mobile devices. The need to read or view images in seconds on smaller screens has become the normal. Graphic design tends to play an increasingly larger role in social media, now, more than ever. Our Raleigh graphic design team knows this well. Businesses need to focus on their brand. Awareness and recognition of a business’s brand is sometimes all consumers see on social media sites.

Those born during, or after, the dawn of digital technology know, hardly, anything other than the instant gratification that comes with the use of digital cameras, smartphones, computers, and other devices. Because of the prodigious display of incentives, that developing technologies deliver to consumers, the “digital native” (as they’re starting to be referred to) generation is becoming desensitized to things that aren’t dazzling. Graphic design is more valuable now that it has ever been. And our Raleigh graphic design team makes certain that our work gets would-be customers attention. It’s essential to create a brand that stimulates this new generation. If you are in the market for a new brand, for your business, be sure to contact TigerHive Creative Group. Our, Raleigh, NC, graphic design, and web design, firm will work with you, to create the best brand for your business.

In addition to eye catching, consumers often respond best to a first impression that includes a graphic image. With tweets confined to 140 characters and status updates sometimes shorter than that, it’s hard to do anything that’s attention grabbing. With a graphic that’s consistently used over the social media platform, consumers can start to associate that image with your brand. Creating this brand recognition is a great way to sell more products or services. Most people are visual learners. They’ll remember a logo long after reading a short paragraph about your business services.

Your designs and logo can play a big role in how your product or service is perceived by the social media user. Allowing TigerHive Creative Group to create an attractive graphic for your business can help strengthen your brand in many ways. Our company can create a design that will make a social media user want to post or share your business logo and link, to their own page; this directs potential customers to your company’s main website or steer them to your social media page. You might even consider an infographic because you know how we all just love those quirky little pictures that have all the stats in them.

Working with TigerHive Creative Group to create the perfect graphic design for your business’s image will help to get your name out into the virtual world. You and one of our Raleigh graphic designers will work together to create a design that social media users can easily recognize. The logo should be large, but not so large that it will make for a slow load time. There are so many different aspects that go into creating a logo for your Raleigh, NC company. Working with the best graphic designers in Raleigh, NC will ensure that your logo is designed with success and accomplishes the goal: make you money!

Be sure to visit our contact page, if you’d like to get in touch with us about designing a logo for your business. If you’d like to get to know TigerHive Creative Group a little better, you can also, visit our homepage.

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