Video Production Tips You Can Follow at Home!

Are you thinking of purchasing a DSLR camera to video with? If so, there are several things to keep in mind before getting started shooting with this device. The first step is to practice shooting with the video camera. Use the automated settings first, before moving on. Getting g a feel for the camera first hand will help you learn to be a confident videographer that uses the experienced settings.

Once you’re ready to move on, you can use several of the following settings to customize your shoots.

Raleigh Video Production Tips

Frames Per Second – Frame per second (FPS) is the number of frames being recorded each second. Most videos shot at either 24 FPS or 30 FPS. 24 FPS offers a more filmic look but 30 FPS offers a look that you see on TV.

Resolution – HD resolution is 1920×1080. If you’re looking for less, you can choose various options. HD is a lower resolution but you have the option to film in different resolutions, as well.

Shutter Speed – Many suggest doubling the FPS when working with shutter speed. Slower shutter speeds show more blurring in moving objects and subjects. Higher shutter speeds offer a freeze action option. Most filmmakers use high shutter speeds but be sure to slow it down at first and then adjust as you learn. Higher speeds add intensity and professionalism.

Aperture – A powerful way to enhance the look of a video, aperture separates the subject from the background. In addition, you can show only a select part of the action in focus. A smaller aperture will make the background and foreground in focus.

ISO – Increasing ISO can make more visible noise. If you’re looking to smooth the capture, consider lowering ISO. You’ll also have to adjust shutter speed and aperture while adjusting the ISO, as well. Careful experimenting will help you learn the balances.

We hope these tips help you make great videos! If you need help from our professional Raleigh video production team, contact us, today!

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