Video Production Can Increase Sales!

Did you know that by 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic, according to Cisco?

That’s right; video-on-demand traffic, alone, will have almost tripled by 2017. Rapid growth is already beginning in the world of video and  soon, it will be taking over! For business owners, this means that videos marketing can increase your sales! Whether you want to believe it or not, more people buy products that have a video about it than products that don’t.

Below, you’ll find several statistics and facts about videos!

Raleigh Video Production

  • 64%- 85% of people are more likely to purchase after watching a product video. (Internet Retailer)
  • On average, people will stay 2 minutes longer on your website when engaged with a video.(Comscore)
  • A presence on You Tube, and embedding video on your site, gives you a 53x higher likelihood of a Google front-page search result (Forrester).
  • Viral video marketing campaigns increase clickthrough rates by 750%. 68% of people who watch online videos will, in turn, pass links for these videos onto their friends.(

Raleigh video production is becoming more and more popular, as well as, more beneficial for businesses to take advantage of! The statistics don’t lie! We hope you enjoy reading our blogs with explanations on how/why video marketing can immensely help your business’s marketing efforts! For more info visit with other blog posts, below:

It’s important to remember how influential video is in today’s time. Everyone wants to watch a video. Whether it’s informational, entertaining, or educational, video is the way of the world. Don’t let your competitor beat you time and time again, because your business isn’t taking advantage of the power of video. Contact our Raleigh video production team at TigerHive Creative Group, soon! We can get started planning your marketing video to help push product and service sales!

If you are interested in getting started with your very own marketing video, be sure to contact us to schedule a consultation! TigerHive Creative Group is here to work with you to make a video that is engaging and compelling!

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