Types of Marketing Videos

It’s important to remember how influential video is in today’s time. Everyone wants to watch a video. Whether it’s informational, entertaining, or educational, video is the way of the world. Don’t let your competitor beat you time and time again, because your business isn’t taking advantage of the power of video. Contact our Raleigh video production team at TigerHive Creative Group, soon! We can get started planning your marketing video to help push product and service sales!

Types of Marketing Videos | Raleigh Video Production

Trade Shows

Trade shows are a great way to get ahead of the competition, learn more about the field you are working with as well as show the world what you have to offer.  Many of the shows are open to the public, so you never know how many potential customers you’ll have access to. If you haven’t joined a business expo yet, now is the time. You video your experience there or have a marketing video playing for potential clients to see. This is a great way to sell your services without having to say a word.

Customer Testimonies | Raleigh Video Production

A great way to sell your product or service is through testimonies. Customers that are happy with the service or product you provided them with are more likely to say better, more useful things about your business than a scripted marketing ad ever could. Even more, as humans, we rely on one another to refer or convince each other on a daily basis. It’s just in our nature to take someone’s “word for it”, rather than listen to what a text marketing ad has to say.

The best approach to finding customers that are willing to do a testimonial video for your business is to wait until someone praises your services or products offered. Then, ask them to video their praise. Offer a way for them to get the testimonial filmed, either by filming them with a camera or hiring a video production company to come in and film several videos, all at once.

Raleigh video production and other ways to market your business, aside from tired old traditional ways, is becoming more and more popular. It’s also more beneficial for businesses to take advantage of!

If you’re ready to work with our Raleigh video production team to boost your sales and guarantee that your marketing efforts work well to help your business grow and succeed, contact TigerHive Creative Group. We are here to work with you to create the best, most efficient marketing videos on the Internet!

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