TV Commercial Production Terms to Know

Are you interested in TV commercial production in Raleigh NC? Below, you’ll find several terms that will help you work with a professional TV commercial team to come up with a concept from beginning to end!

Terms to Know | TV Commercial Production Raleigh NC

  • AC: Assistant Camera
  • AD: Assistant Director
  • Apple Box: A box built of a strong wood or plywood, which is capable of supporting weight. These may be of various sizes, the smallest of which is also known as a ‘pancake’ because it is nearly flat. (Lighting/Grip)
  • Best Boy: The assistant chief lighting technician or the assistant to the key grip.
  • Dolly Shot: Any shot made from a moving dolly. These may also be called tracking or traveling shots.
  • DP: Director of Photography
  • Food Stylist: An artist who works on set to perfect the look of food being shot.  This is a specialist, who concentrates on food preparation and presentation.
  • Gaffer: The chief lighting technician for a production who is in charge of the electrical department.
  • Gate: The aperture assembly at which the film is exposed in a camera, printer, or projector. This should always be checked before moving on to a new shot to make sure no hairs or dust particles got inside the camera. These things can ruin a shot.
  • Key Grip: The chief grip who works directly with the gaffer in creating shadow effects for set lighting and who supervises camera cranes, dollies and other platforms or supporting structures according to the requirements of the director of photography.
  • Key Light: The main light on a subject. (Lighting)
  • MOS: A term in TV commercials when you’re shooting subjects but not recording sound.
  • PA: Production Assistant
  • Pan: A horizontal movement of a camera on a fixed axis.
  • Rough cut: A preliminary trial stage in the process of editing a film. Shots are laid out in approximate relationship to an end product without detailed attention to the individual cutting points.
  • Slate: The identifier placed in front of the camera at beginning of a take.
  • Super: Refers to type on screen that supports a sales offer.
  • VO: Voice Over. The narrative voice you hear in TV spots.

TV Commercial Production in Raleigh  NC

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