Trade Show Video Production Tips, Continued.

Trade Show Video Tips for Raleigh NC Video Production!

Hello! Our Raleigh NC video production team is back with more information on trade show video production and how it differs from regular marketing video production. As we disclosed in our last post, trade show videos are very different from the web videos you find on a business’s website or social media accounts. They are more precise and to the point. They also use less audio and more visual effects. Trade show videos should be designed to drawn potential customers in at first glance.

Below, you’ll find a few more tips that will help you better understand the difference between trade show videos and marketing videos.  According to, trade show videos should follow the following guidelines:

  • Be repetitive.  Viewers may start viewing the information at various points of the video.  A brief video that repeats will ensure that someone can see the entire video.
  • Maintain your company’s branding and be relevant to the audience.
  • Be able to be seen from a distance.  Trade shows are high traffic events where attendees need to be able to grasp the big picture from a distance.  Save the minute details for personal one-on-one demonstrations.
  • Some products or services are harder to communicate than others and video can help showcase the product in ways that can’t easily be done in a trade show booth.  For example, if you are a landscape concrete manufacturer, your video should show before and after footage of how the concrete can be used to create outdoor living spaces.  Large equipment manufacturers can save thousands of dollars using video rather than bringing equipment to communicate their benefits and differentiation from the competition.
  • How-to or specific product demonstration videos are often more effectively shown on a laptop or personal monitor during a one-on-one meeting with a potential buyer.

Raleigh NC Video Production | Trade Show Video

If you’re interested in talking with TigerHive Creative Group’s video production team about having a trade show video made for your business, be sure to contact us! You can also find us at Raleigh’s upcoming business expo on May 1st at the Jim Graham building, located at the fairgrounds!

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