Trade Show Video Production Tips

Video Production Raleigh NC: Trade Show Video Tips!

Welcome back! In our last post TigerHive Creative Group, video production in Raleigh NC, talked about trade shows, and how important it is to take advantage of local shows to get a better feel for the competition in your area, as well as gain access to many potential customers.

We also discussed that one of the best ways to reach those potential customers is with a marketing video that demonstrates your business’s products or services.

Video Production Raleigh NC | Stand Out Above the Crowd!

Standing out and showcasing your product is essential when you’re at a trade show. There are tons of businesses there trying to get attention as well. The best way to stand out is with a video. Videos can be very effective when showcasing your business. It’s the best way to draw in potential customers and keep their attention. As we’ve said before, videos are more effective than regular advertising, and this holds true for videos at trade shows, as well.

However, a trade show video should be significantly different from the video you use to promote your business and gain customers on your website or social media. Here are some tips for creating an effective trade show video, according to,

Components of a Quality Trade Show Video

  • The video needs to carry itself without audio.  Trade shows are noisy with a lot of distractions and people won’t be able to hear narration.  Use bold and effective text copy to convey action and highlights of your product or service.
  • Be visually appealing.  Pictures should tell the story rather than a narrator.  Your video must capture the viewer’s attention within seconds, even from across the room.
  • Be short and concise.  Trade shows are busy with a lot of visual stimulation.  A one to three minute spot that loops is ideal.  Capture the viewer’s attention and get to the point quickly.

There are several other tips that will ensure that your trade show video captures the attention of everyone that walks by! Be sure to check back with us in our next post to learn more about trade show video production in Raleigh NC.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about video production in Raleigh NC or would like to start working with TigerHive Creative Group on filming and producing a video for your business, feel free to contact us!

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