Tips to Instantly Enhance Video Production Quality

Immediately Improve Your Raleigh Video Production Quality!

Raleigh video production and content can be a valuable asset to your inbound marketing efforts. In fact, close to 90% of internet traffic is directed toward video. It’s important to take advantage of that!

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy.  According to, “Getting people to sit through your videos can be challenging, considering 33% of viewers say ‘no thank you’ and move on after watching just 30 seconds. 44% lose interest and leave at the 1-minute mark, and 60% bail on your video after 2 minutes.”

It’s important to offer a video that provides excellent content, presentation, production quality, valuable information and style. These are the things that viewers will judge the video on. Raleigh video production content must be truly extraordinary to keep your audience’s attention.

Below, our Raleigh video production team offers a few tips that help instantly improve the production quality of your marketing video and will also give it a little boost once it’s live and online!


Pre-production starts with preparation and organization of the video shoot. Showing up to the shoot without an organized plan can really cause your final product to suffer. An unorganized video appears unprofessional and sloppy, as well as thrown together and chaotic. Work with a video production team to ensure that your pre-production is done accordingly and all aspects of the shoot are prepared, planned, and organized ahead of time.

If you’re prepared at filming time, you’ll be able to focus all your efforts on the video itself, rather than figuring out last minute logistics.

Raleigh Video Production | Top Pre-Production Tips:

  1. Seek originality. The concept for your video should be unique and innovative.
  2. Make a plan. Remember, the key to a successful video shoot is planning, organizing, and preparing ahead of time. Details should be ironed out in the pre-production stage. Create a storyboard, shot list, and write the script long before shoot day arrives.
  3. Consider the setting. Carefully choose a place to film your video. Don’t dress up your office to look like a shoot location. Your viewers will be paying close attention to every detail. They’ll know a make-shift shoot location when they see one. Work with your Raleigh video production company to find the perfect location for your video shoot!

In our next post, we will focus on more Raleigh video production tips so that your marketing video will wow viewers and help your business grow and succeed to new levels! If you’re interested in talking with TigerHive Creative Group about video marketing, feel free to contact us soon!

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