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Parallax scrolling is a web design technique that has proven to be among the most popular design techniques in the past two years. It is also expected that parallax scrolling will be a must have web design trend in 2014. You might be wondering, what makes this type of web design so important; so popular? Web users today want to be entertained. They want to be involved.  Web users are very willing to engage with a website, especially if they’re invited to do so. That is exactly what parallax scrolling does. It draws your users in and allows them to interact with your content.

It’s important to understand why parallax scrolling is so impactful. Yes, Raleigh web designers that use parallax scrolling create beautiful, intriguing websites, but why is that so important?

Below, you’ll find several reasons why a web designer should incorporate parallax scrolling into your web design. Whether you site is for personal use, for your business, or for an organization, parallax scrolling will engage your web users and leave them wanting to come back to spend more time on your site!


With parallax scrolling, you get a more practical way to present your service or product offerings. Standard web design techniques aren’t as vivid. They’re only able to show static web content.  New technical advancements allow web visitors to interact with websites. They can explore products and services on their own initiative.


Wouldn’t it be fun to allow your web viewers to experience your product or service in a new, innovative way? Parallax scrolling allows 3D presentation, controlled by the user’s own scrolling. states that, “The design is very simple, using a lot of whitespace and drawing all the attention to the unusual product: A leather covered hot water bottle and bag at the same time. The site perfectly reflects the exquisiteness of the product.”


Parallax Scrolling allows website owners to tell their entire story. They’re able to market their product or service almost as they would in store. Once a web user has entered a website using the new technology, they’re instantly hooked. Users almost have to keep scrolling to see what comes next!

Businesses can actually demonstrate how their products work in 3D. It’s almost like the web user is actually in store trying the product out!

Adding Sphere

When scrolling down a web page that uses parallax scrolling, the user gets to see photographs of models in the clothing from their favorite retail store. They can watch a mechanic perform an oil change. With every photograph, different elements fly around the product or service offered, highlighting a certain sphere that comes with it.

Storytelling also states, “Parallax scrolling offers the ideal setting to tell your story in an engaging and interactive way. Let your visitors take control and let them walk through your story in their own pace. The different layers that respond differently to the scrolling behavior of your visitors create a sense of depth and even allow for multiple story lines.”

Parallax scrolling is a new-age way of the web design world that many are taking advantage of. These reasons, along with the final reasons you’ll find in an additional post, make parallax scrolling a must-have for all websites. The benefits far outweigh the disadvantages.

Our Raleigh web designers are intent on keeping up with all the new-age technology. We make it a point to keep up with all elements of web design, graphic design, videography, and photography. If you’d like to speak with one of our expert designers about designing a website for your business, feel free to contact us.

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