Parallax Scrolling, Continued

Raleigh graphic designers discuss the importance of parallax scrolling!

Welcome back! In a previous post, we began discussing the increasingly popular web design trend, parallax scrolling. Today, we will continue our discussion with the graphic design aspect of this particular web design technique. Though it is a type of web design, parallax scrolling works well with graphic design. Raleigh graphic designers work with web designers to achieve a visually enhanced website that is pleasing and entertaining. Below are a few additional reasons why parallax scrolling is quickly climbing the popularity ladder.

Time Travel

For a different spin on things, parallax scrolling allows your users to start at the bottom of your website’s about page and then scroll upwards on a timeline. Along the way, web designers can incorporate a little graphic to accompany them as they scroll and learn your company’s history.

Draw Visitors In

According to, their “favorite example of parallax scrolling so far, is an ad by Peugeot for their new HYbrid4 technology: A mission in 4 modes. You get drawn into a graphic novel of a hero, who is about to “embark on a challenging mission to capture confidential data and get away safely.” When scrolling down the page, you become the witness of a beautifully illustrated and captivating story, which introduces the different travel modes of the HYbrid4 technology as a sideline. The story is accompanied by music and sound highlights to make it even more engaging.” More and more Raleigh companies are using parallax scrolling combined with moving graphic designs to create an engaging, fun website.


Though at this point it seems quite obvious, here are three more great examples of how parallax scrolling allows your viewers to be more engaged in your site:

  • Your visitors are in charge.
  • They take an active role in their interaction with your site.
  • You are giving the viewers the impression that they are choosing to engage with your site, making them more positive and open to your message.
  • Curious Visitors

For more information about parallax scrolling, visit back with us on our next post. In the meantime, you can take a look at our online portfolio and contact us with any questions you might have for our graphic designers.

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