Final Tips For Beginners

Raleigh Video Production Tips for Beginners!

Hello! Our Raleigh video production experts are back with a few more tips on how to shoot your own marketing video. As we’ve stated in a few previous posts, making your own quality video can be difficult without all the right equipment. Sometimes, it’s best left to the professionals. But, if you’re ready to make your own video, be sure to consider these tips, before starting! And, as always, contact TigerHive Creative Group with any questions you might have!

Make sure to get a ton of b-roll shots. To find out what that means, be sure to visit our previous post, here. You can never have enough footage when shooting. Sometimes, the unplanned footage can become the best shot in the final product. It’s great to have a lot of options when putting your final video together during editing.

Many times, Raleigh video production beginners make the mistake of having shots that are too wide. The way to fix this problem easily is by getting closer to your subject. While we don’t mean so close that you can see unnecessary details of their face, it is important to get close enough to eliminate the background features you don’t want in the shot. Your space is limited when shooting a video so it’s important to make sure that everything you include has a reason for being there.

Choosing a background in general can be difficult. You don’t want a background that’s too busy or anything that might be moving. Also, make sure nothing in the background is distracting. Plants or a tree might give the background a nice touch, but if you find yourself looking mainly at the beautiful scenery instead of the subject or listening to the message of the video, that scenery is distracting. Also be sure to keep the direct background of your subject completely clear of any type of objects. There’s nothing more distracting than wondering if the wild looking object behind a subject’s head is a plant or their actual hair!

For more Raleigh video production tips, be sure to visit back with TigerHive Creative Group, soon!

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