Online Videos: Bigger and Better in 2014!

Raleigh Video Production Takes a Look at The Progression of Online Videos

It was predicted in 2013 that video marketing would only get bigger and better in 2014. 2013 paved the way for online videos and once they started climbing the popularity charts, they never looked back!

At this point, over halfway into 2014, online marketing has proven to do just that; become bigger and better. In fact, online video usage in general is so big that 80% of viewers recall watching a video they saw on a business’s website to the point that they remember what it was actually about. Who can say that about a print ad they saw on a flier? Even more, 65% of online video watchers actually see more than 3/4’s of the video.

It’s no secret that our Raleigh video production team is excited about the future of video and how much good it’s doing for businesses. It’s been predicted that by the end of 2014, 93% of businesses in the U.S. will work to implement some type of video into their marketing plan or share one on their website. 93% is a large percentage and a bit unbelievable, but – you better believe it!

Raleigh video production is doing big things and turning out useful, creative videos that people want to see and share. If your business lacks that element of eye-catching style, consider working with TigerHive Creative Group to get started using online videos!

Those that are new to the idea of online videos may be nervous to just jump in and make a video for business marketing. That’s why our Raleigh video production company is here to walk you through each step of the way. In our next post, we will offer tips and information to those businesses who are brand new to the idea of online video, so that you can become more comfortable with the idea of video usage and how it can majorly impact your business in a positive and creative way!

If you’re ready to start your new journey with online video now, feel free to contact our Raleigh video production company, TigerHive Creative Group, to set up a consultation!

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