More 2014 Graphic Design Trends

Raleigh Graphic Designers Keep Up With Graphic Design Trends!

Welcome back! In today’s post our Raleigh graphic designers will continue our discussion on 2014 graphic design trends. In our last post we talked about type-lock typography. To recap, according to, “Type-Lock design is a type of typography where all lines of text are in-line with each other and certain words are in a different typeface and size. Type-lock graphic designs can be used to attract certain demographics. also states that “while this may look like a simple design, it is really quite difficult and time consuming.  The need to maintain proportions, keep the aesthetics appealing, mixing typefaces, mixing different sizes of type, and trying to add some elements like arrows or rules to add interest” can be a difficult task to achieve.

Today, we are going to focus on a different type of Raleigh graphic design trend:

Interactive Info-Graphics

Info-graphics are web-based products that utilize on-page navigation features:

  • Mouse-overs
  • Drop-down menus
  • Clicks
  • Check boxes

They allow the user to interact with the interface in a way that reveals new information and data as they explore the site.

These graphics give your viewers a chance to respond and interact with your website. Today’s websites have given business owners and website owners a chance to entertain their guests, instead of just giving them an overload of information. Interactive info-graphics give users a reason to visit the website, time and time again. They also give websites an updated and modern appeal.  The graphics display a lot of information in an easy to digest way. They also refrain from overwhelming the viewer.

In addition, states that “people are visually wired. We are all far more likely to be willing to read, understand, and remember a presentation that includes engaging visuals.” But while visuals are arguably the most essential learning tool, they can only go so far.

Adding interactive info-graphics is a great way to add data visualization to your website so that it becomes more memorable and effective. If you’d like to incorporate these graphics into your current website design, be sure to contact our Raleigh graphic designers at TigerHive Creative Group! We strive to keep up with web and graphic design trends, as well as help you keep your website current and fun!

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