Marketing Videos Can Boost Your Sales!

Marketing today is complex. It’s a big deal for many companies. Without marketing, how would the word get out about services or products? One of the most effective and popular marketing strategies in 2016 is video marketing. While it’s not as simple as it sounds, making videos to help get the word out is extremely useful and worth it.

Boost Your Sales With Raleigh Video Production

Video marketing is storming the nation and it’s only getting bigger by the year. In fact, 1 billion unique users engage in videos on YouTube each year! Can you imagine the amount of engagement you’d get by posting a marketing video on this platform, alone?!

Video is a great way to get the point across in a way that’s expressive and humorous. It’s also great for doing this quickly. Getting a user’s attention in the first eight seconds is key when calling them to action or offering information about a product or service. Doing this with video is the best way!

Even more, videos tell as story. They showcase experience, expertise and command attention. Once you have their attention, it’s important to make sure your videos offer a wide variety of information. Customer testimonials, video case studies and detailed product demos are just a few ideas that are popular. You can share these videos online through a website or social media.

Another great thing about marketing via Raleigh video production is that you can easily track how effective it actually is. Marketers are expected to show results from their strategies and plans. Most of the time, it is shown in quantitative form.

Most companies use a Raleigh video production company to help them get started in the video marketing world. The power of video is amazing. Videographers understand that and use it to help create a persuasive video that sells.

Videos allow businesses to inspire, educate and tell stories. They’re also great to help entertain current and new customers. Raleigh video production companies like TigerHive Creative Group are here to help you understand how video marketing can turn your company around; even when you think you don’t need it!

Marketing videos create a connection and induce feeling with viewers. Sometimes, words aren’t able to do this. According to Invodo, sixty-five percent of viewers watch more than three-fourths of a given video. According to Static Brain, only 4% of web page views hold readers for 10 minutes or more. That means the readers are getting bored with text. They’d rather watch an entire informational video, no matter its length, than read the information.

For more information to help you better understand video marketing as well as, Raleigh video production, visit back with our blog, soon!

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Are you considering using marketing videos to help grow your business to a more successful, profitable level? If so, contact us, today! TigerHive Creative Group specializes in creating effective video marketing for those that need a change to their marketing plan.

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