Imagery for Your Small Business

In a previous post, we started discussing the different types of fonts. We also discussed how important imagery and fonts are for getting your business recognized. We started with brainstorming about the types of images that will help tell your business’s story and generate engagement with customers and lay the framework for integrating imagery into your social media strategy. Today, we will continue with a few other steps:

Plan to Make Imagery Possible:

How will you build your business’s image library?  Does your business have a digital camera that can be used on a regular basis? If not, you might want to think about hiring a pro to help you get the image inventory going. Quality of photos for imagery is important.  When you are trying to show off your creations you don’t want the image to be blurry or distorted in anyway. Otherwise, customers might be deterred by what they see!

It might be a good idea to hire a graphic designer to help you focus on building and formatting images. You want these images to be successful, wherever you use them. If you don’t have the time or skill to build and format images, hiring a graphic designer is a great idea.

Some businesses like to promote “Refer a Friend” graphics for loyal customers to share on Facebook or Pinterest. Businesses also like to have enhanced photos of products they sell or services they offer to be featured on Pinterest. Additionally, images may need to be resized to match recommended dimensions on Facebook, Pinterest and other social media sites so that images appear proportionally. Outsourcing this type of work to a graphic and web designer will save you a lot of time and trouble!

Determine the Best Way to Incorporate Imagery:

According to, “Imagery should be used to enhance social media channels that you are already using, as well as to introduce your brand to new sites like Pinterest and Instagram that are more exclusively image-focused.

On a channel like Facebook, take typical content like text updates and links and think of ways you can enhance those posts with imagery. Try out a few approaches to see what your business’ followers cling to – you might start with trying one-off images of a new store display, or a photo album featuring a variety of products.

See what garners the most likes, comments and shares, and what is more often ignored. Also note that shorter descriptions of photos result in higher engagement rates, according to research.”

Research whether your customers are present on social media sites.  If they are, find out which ones are the most popular. Also find out if they’re willing to engage with you there. There are some businesses that won’t succeed on certain social media sites. Those same businesses may thrive on just one particular social media site.  Research is the only way to find out which sites will work for your business.

Once you determine what will work for your business, you can begin sharing your new graphics to your followers! Images are an important part of getting your business’s name out there. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to join the virtual world and increase your business’s success.

TigerHive Creative Group | Imagery for Your Small Business

No matter what the business category or type of graphics used, there are many ways to use graphic design, professional photography, and video production to promote your business offerings and engage with consumers. For help determining if images or videos are best for advertising your business, or to have one of our photographers or graphic designers create new designs for your Raleigh business’s website, contact us! Our skilled professionals are ready to help you take the next step!


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