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Are you ready to learn more about 2016 Raleigh graphic design trends? The following information will help you with website updates and logo changes or creations!

2016 Raleigh Graphic Design Trends!

Bright Colors – The 1990’s are making a comeback and this couldn’t be more true for Raleigh graphic design, either! Bold, bright colors are the new trend. The eye-catching color schemes are great for getting attention. While many trends have gone with muted vintage colors during 2014 and 2015, the new idea is the brighter the better. This will actually help with another trend that you’ll read about, below!

Material Design – Google paved the way for this Raleigh graphic design trend when it began using it. According to Google the style consists of “deliberate color choices, edge-to-edge imagery, large-scale typography, and intentional white space”. It offers a design that is bold and exciting!

Retro Styles With a Modern Twist – Take your typical 1960’s – 1980’s styles, colors and designs, but add a modern, up-to-date feel to them. The best way to do this is with bright, bold colors! As we mentioned above, the 1990’s are back and they’re better than ever. Add a modern twist to retro designs by throwing in bright greens, yellows and blues! You’ll find these on websites, t-shirt designs and more. We all love a vintage look, so making them feel a bit more in the now is a great way to spice older designs up a bit! Think outside the box on this type of design and really give it a twist that will stand out!

Striking Typography – Most assume that the fonts used on websites, logos and other graphic designs should be used for reading purposes only. Making sure they’re easily read without problems is a thing of the past! Now, typography that stands out and makes a statement is the new trend.

Custom Illustrations and Imagery – Stock photos are slowly dying and replacing them are custom designed illustrations and photography. This trend is, as we mentioned, slowly coming into it’s own. Look for it to really explode in the next year or so!

We hope this information helps you with your Raleigh graphic design for 2016. Sticking with trends and making sure your website, logo and other design needs are up-to-date is key for impressing current and potential customers, as well as keeping them engaged!

Are you excited about any particular new trend? If so, which one? Have you already started implementing one or more into your web presence or logo?

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