Veterans Affairs Training Video

The Department of Veterans Affairs Mental Health and Chaplaincy program, in collaboration with the Defense Centers of Excellence in Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury (DCoE), were tasked with Strategic Action #23 of the Integrated Mental Health Strategy (IMHS) commissioned by the US Secretary of Defense in 2010 to study ways which might improve mental health care for our nation’s Veterans and Service members. Results from the IMHS report clearly indicated the importance of including chaplains in mental health care in order to ensure the provision of truly holistic, patient-centered care. As a result, in 2013, VA Mental Health and Chaplaincy began an unprecedented collaboration with DCoE to continue the work of integrating mental health and chaplain services.

One aspect of this collaboration is the development of an intensive training course for chaplains, Mental Health Integration for Chaplain Services (MHICS), which will familiarize them with the basics of mental health care, as well as areas where mental health and spirituality can work together to meet the needs of the whole person, emotional, spiritual and physical.
VA Mental Health and Chaplaincy approached now TigerHive Creative Group has the historic opportunity to both brand this initiative and subsequently produce 45 hours of dynamic and instructional video content used in the key curriculum to promote cross-disciplinary opportunities for interaction and training among chaplains and mental health care providers. Currently, the video, design, and animation team at TigerHive Creative are working together to produce this monumental video series creatively combining the points-of-view of nearly 75 scholars, chaplains, researchers, academics, and mental health professionals thus delineating a new approach to mental health services as enhanced by chaplaincy.
The video series will be a mandatory component of the MHICS certification program designed by the auspicious team at VA Mental Health and Chaplaincy. TigerHive is ecstatic to be the driving creative force behind that program and is honored to be a part of this important national initiative.

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