What is Video Production?

Though it’s been around for years video production is becoming the spotlight of a totally different world. Business websites are now offering videos. These videos help display business products and services in a more creative and visual way.

Those that aren’t familiar with video production might ask the question, “What is video production?” In its most basic form, video production consists of writing, shooting and editing a visual document.

You may think that producing most web videos doesn’t require a script. It is possible to film without a script, but the entire process runs more smoothly when there’s at least an outline to go by.  The outline can become the script. The process of pre-production for a business’s web video and writing a script for it often begins with asking questions such as, “Who are we targeting?” “Where and when am I going to film?” “What style of shooting will I use?”and “What do I want the consumer to feel/do when the video is over?”

All of these elements play a role in the pre-production and writing process. Commercials for products or services almost always need a script. If you’re filming an interview you want to have the questions ready to ask pre-filming.

Having a pre-production script will allow you to get at the most pertinent information and stories that you need to present the bigger picture you are trying to communicate.

Who would benefit from a video production company?

  • Small businesses that offer products and services
  • Restaurants
  • Any business with a website
  • Schools
  • Churches

Anyone who has a way to display a video will benefit from it. Schools and churches can generate potential members from video production. Restaurants can advertise their delicious foods and location. Small businesses can tell their story and offer their products and services in ways they’d never be able to do otherwise.

If you’re interested in learning more about video production for your business or organization feel free to contact our video production company. We also offer website design and expert graphic designers and photographers. It’s time to get creative with advertising! Call TigerHive Creative Group to start planning your creative advertisement soon!



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