Getting Right to the Point

Video Production Raleigh NC: Improving Your Marketing Videos!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a marketing strategy that reached thousands of people daily? On top of that, what if 90% of everyone that noticed your marketing strategy paid full attention to it, prompting them to purchase the product or service you were marketing?

In our last few posts, our Raleigh video production team began talking about marketing videos and how much difference they can make in your marketing strategy, as long as they’re high quality and captivate the audience’s attention from beginning to end!

Today, we are going to offer a few more tips that will improve your video production in Raleigh NC,  as well as, help make your videos interesting and attention grabbing!

As we previously stated, you only have about 8 seconds to grab the attention of the viewer and keep it. Why? The average attention span for watching online videos is right at 8 seconds. Believe it or not, that’s an almost 3 minute drop from this time last year.

It probably seems impossible to sell a product or service in just 8 seconds. We understand that. But, with the help of professionals like TigerHive Creative Group, video production in Raleigh NC, you don’t have to worry! We know what it takes to get the attention of your viewers and keep it!

The first step to captivating their attention is by throwing your entire reason for making the marketing video right out there. No fluffy intros, no smoke and mirrors; just say what needs to be said in a direct and informative way! That’s all you need to do! If you can get your point across and get the viewer interested in that 8 seconds, it’s likely that those who are interested will watch until the very end and also inquire about your product or service! Percentage-wise, that accounts for over 60% of the people that will watch!

There are many ways to ensure that your message is direct, informative and captivating. To find out more, visit back with us soon! Our video production in Raleigh NC will have key tips that help you write a great direct intro for your next marketing video!

Our talented team is dedicated to realizing the vision you have for your video and delivering the highest quality video production within your budget. Contact TigerHive Creative Group, to get started with your personalized, results-driven video solutions for your business.

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