Video Content Ideas For Your Next Marketing Video!

Video Production Raleigh: Content Ideas for Your Next Video!

TigerHive Creative Group, video production in Raleigh, is back with a few more ideas that will help you create new content for your marketing videos! If you missed the last post, be sure to visit back! Our experts are here to help you make sure you’re take full advantage of all that video marketing has to offer!

Customer testimonials. Testimonials are the new-aged way of spreading word of mouth. As a marketing strategy, you may be using written testimonials already. Start by interviewing satisfied customers and then share their success stories. You can also compile your best customer quotes to be used in a short video presentation. This can help add a personal touch to current written testimonial content, and give you something innovative to show to potential clients.

Value props. According to, “Product demos showcase your features and what they look like, but what about your value statement? You can create videos that introduce people to your company or products as well, focusing on the benefits they offer more than the nuts and bolts of how they work. This content can be posted to your company website or used in email marketing campaigns for demand generation. You can even tailor them toward specific markets and verticals to reach more segmented audiences.”

Webinar invites. Video is also a great way to promote registration for upcoming webinars and other events. You can even use the event speakers to add a personal touch to the invite, and include it in other promotional content and emails.

There are several more video marketing ideas we have to offer for your next video production in Raleigh! Be sure to check back with us soon, for more content ideas!

Are you taking advantage of video marketing without considering how working with a reputable video production team can help with quality? Let TigerHive Creative Group help by sharing their knowledge to improve the overall quality of your video production in Raleigh!

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