TV Commercial Shooting 101, Continued.

Welcome back! Today we are here to talk more about TV commercial production in Raleigh NC so that you’ll be able to shoot your own! Even if you need help, our professionals are here to offer assistance during the overall process!

Recording | TV Commercial Production in Raleigh NC

Once you’ve finalized your script, you can begin TV commercial production in Raleigh NC. The shoot is the actual video recording of the commercial. You’ll need a good video camera, lighting and audio. If you’re worried that you aren’t going to be able to produce a high quality commercial alone, consider hiring professionals to help.

When the script is finalized, you’re ready to shoot your commercial. You want the highest production value possible, so read through these video recording tips beforehand. Above all, it’s critical to record good audio and light your video well. These two things will go the furthest in making your commercial appealing to viewers.


As shooting is done, editing comes next. TV commercial production in Raleigh NC is a process with many different stages. The editing stage will need aid from some type of computer software. If you don’t have access to iMovie, Movie Maker or other editing tool, you might need a professional for this, as well.

Before finalizing the project, make sure you’ve obtained licenses for music, graphics and other footage that might have been added during editing. You’ll want to ensure you don’t have any copyrighting issues.


Now that the commercial has been scripted, shot and edited, it’s time to get it airtime. Whether you buy it on television or run the commercial online, you must be sure too get the footage out there to be seen. Use YouTube, Google and other providers that have paid ad time and also use free options, as well.

If you missed our previous post, containing other information about TV commercial production in Raleigh NC, visit back with it, soon!

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