Top Graphic Design Trends of 2015

We are back with the top trends for graphic design in Raleigh NC! Below, you’ll find the most popular trends of 2015. They’re also going to be big in 2016, as well!

Top Trends | Graphic Design Raleigh NC

Digital Surrealism

Blurring physical and virtual images is a new movement made popular last year. This interesting mix of rendered imagery is called digital surrealism. It’s exciting to see and the creativity involved is amazing! Look for this trend to continue growing in popularity over the next few years! Think still life photography with a graphic image twist!

Gaming Artwork

According to, “With gaming apps proving to be popular for all genders and ages it was no surprise to see gaming aesthetics taking a new direction; more relax-em-up than shoot-em-up. The emergence of games like Lands End by usTwo shows that ethereal, digital dreamlike landscapes are now good enough for real-world application.”

Generative Design

Created by using generative software and computer algorithms, generative designs were first introduced as a trend in 2014. Now, this concept is a hot deal in design studies all over the country!

The idea allows graphic design teams to customize patterns based on preferences and self-expression! This is a great way to express your unique side!

Op Art

1960s op art has been a huge influence over the past 12 months, the optical illusions naturally lending themselves to the digital realm, especially when bought to life through gifs and short animations, according to

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about these awesome trends for graphic design in Raleigh NC! Did we miss any that you’re looking forward to using this year? If so, what are they? We’d love to know!

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