Graphic Design Trends for 2015

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Raleigh Graphic Design Trends

Card Design

According to, “The very neat, minimal and sleek appealing look that this designing trend possess has captivated a lot of viewers of the web in awe and admiration. Card design has already been used in a couple of products of its own by Google and has been a very popular graphic designing trend in 2014 with having great potential in the year of 2015 as well. Card designing is now gaining fast momentum on various sites for both mini and big formats of the web.”

Animated Graphics

Interacting in real time, animation is a great way to get your website up-to-date and eye-catching. This trend is growing more popular by the minute and will continue growing all throughout the rest of this year and next year, as well!


Scalable Vector Graphics or SVG, in short, possess many advantages and powers which a lot of huge and stuffed graphics is unable to achieve at times. The 2015 era is indeed the right one to use brilliantly created two-dimensional graphics with such ideas and creativity that the viewer simply can’t resist praising. Plus, with additional great browser support at hand, a designer would only be dull and reckless if he or she does not obtain the benefits of SVG on the websites they create, according to

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