A Unique Way to Tell Your Business’s Story

Raleigh Video Production: Including a Video on Your Website Will Engage Consumers in a New Way

Did you know that the average American spent 14+ hours watching online videos in December, 2010? That’s equivalent to around 201 online videos. WOW! Believe it or not, Raleigh video production has only become more popular since then.

If that wasn’t shocking enough, in January of 2012, 182 million internet users accessed videos online. That averages to about 22 hours of video content viewing per each American.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, it’s pretty safe to say at this point that video is worth about a million! Videos are the new-aged way to engage customers, reach development goals, promote goods and services, and share captivating stores that encourage action. Our Raleigh video production team is excited about the new popularity of including a short film on websites!

Including a video within your website design ensures that you will gain traffic, users, and even customers. It has been said time and time again; storytelling is the key to successful marketing. People love a good story.  While they like to hear a story; the chance to hear one in the business owner’s own words is a great deal more engaging than reading it. Try using a video on your website’s about us page. Instead of writing a compelling story about your business, include video clips.

Many think that video is an expensive addition to their website. Of course, it can be. But what matters more is the return. If you think you can’t afford a video for your website, consider looking at your budget. Make room, wherever possible to start saving for a video production team. It’s honestly not as expensive as one might think. Spending money to make money isn’t the end of the world when the reason you’re spending money is close to guaranteed to bring you more dollars!

According to magnetvideo.com, “However you choose to incorporate video into your content plan, you’ll want to show decision- makers results that justify time and dollars spent. The more positive results you share, the more likely you will be able to acquire larger budgets for future videos.”

Though we’ve been over the benefits of video before, below is a recap of the most important benefits of including a video on your web presence:

  • Engages the Viewer
  • Drives an Action
  • Offers Branding Consistency
  • Ensures a Return on Investment

TigerHive Creative Group can help you create a new, fresh way to tell your business’s story. Our expert Raleigh video production team will work with you, to create the best video for your website. Contact us to learn more about video marketing for your business!

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