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Though we don’t give it much thought, typography is one of the most important aspects of a website.Most of the time, viewers take it for granted; until they can’t read it. Without legible, easy to read typography, websites would be useless. Yes, you can communicate your message to users with pictures and graphics, but text is what tells your story and typography is a large part of that. Below, you’ll find a few tips that will help you choose the right font when working with a Raleigh graphic design team.

Raleigh Graphic Design | Tips

  • Typographic Hierarchy – According to marketing.net, “Text is all about conveying information, and readers on the internet want to obtain that information quickly. They scan and look for the most interesting or important parts, which they can’t easily do without an organized typographic hierarchy. Even for readers who don’t skim, the hierarchy keeps information organized and accessible.”
  • Large Fonts – For years, 12 point fonts have been the most used of all sizes. Now, 14-16 point fonts are more popular for various reasons. The most important reason is that readers are able to read content at any age, without squinting or having trouble adjusting their screen to read.
  • Appropriate Fonts – Readability is essential. A font that isn’t legible is asking for trouble. Viewers like to be able to read what’s on the website with ease. Simple, straightforward fonts are the best option.
  • Mix and Match? – No more are the days where one type of typography is available for websites. Now, Raleigh graphic design experts have taken the world of font to a whole new level! That being said; try and stick to less than four different types of typography on each page of your website.
  • Extra Space – Extra space between each line of text is a key. It looks cleaner, reads better and adds to the website, overall.

TigerHive Creative Group | Raleigh Graphic Design

TigerHive Creative Group, Raleigh graphic design team, hopes that these tips will help protect you from typographic mistakes. Text is the best way to offer information to your website visitors. To make sure your typography is legible and easy to see, contact TigerHive Creative Group for help. Our expert Raleigh graphic design team can help!

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